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Hewbury Paint

Hewbury furniture hemp salve

Hewbury furniture hemp salve

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An all-natural Hemp Salve that is food-safe and nourishing! Made of Hemp Oil, Beeswax, and Carnauba, with another "high-class" food-safe extract added in! ;-p

We've worked the proportions of ingredients so that they combine to form an easy, spreadable paste that is not just all oily, but has the right structure so you can control the application process. At the same time, our Hemp Salve has enough hardness to provide an even more durable finish.

How to use:

Apply to area, wait 10 mins and buff with a lint-free cloth. Will dry to a matte finish in 12-24 hours. Fully cured 2-4 weeks (dependent on climate).

Made with Australian Hemp Seed Oil, Natural Beeswax and Carnauba Wax. Hand poured in Australia. Food-safe ingredients and solvent-free.
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